III. EMT Pair Crash

Registration: 2021-05-24 - 2021-07-18
Qualification: 2021-05-24 - 2021-08-09

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Welcome to III. EMT Pair Crash registration. If you want to try the online event, please complete the registration form.
registration fee is € 70 included treatment costs in both categories.

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Event results

21PC1 (repeat)



The EMT 2021 Pair Crash will be on 7-8th August in Budapest 2021. After this weekend it turns out which Pair will be winner of the EMT 2021 Pair Crash!



Early Bird registration available until 30th June, 70 euros each categories. Normal registration  fee is 90 euros, and registration open until 17th July.


What doesn't change?

  • Two age divisions over and under 45 years 
  • You can start in 3 doubles versions, 2 women, 2 men or mix doubles

What will be new?

  • If you turn 30 this year, you should enter the competition
  • The competition is two days long, with each pair competing on both days
  • No qualifications, you register directly to the competition
  • A maximum of 12 pairs can start in each category
  • No separate RX and Scaled category. On the first day everyone does the same WODs. 
  • On Sunday, the first 6 pairs in each category will continue in RX, while the others will continue in the Scaled category